Why the Cheapest Inspector is Often Not the Best

Home inspections are a stressful part of any home-buying process. An inspection report could show that your dream home is full of nightmare problems! But it could also save you thousands of dollars and years of unwanted surprises.

The Realtors over at Round Table Realty help buyers through the inspection process everyday. Buyers rely on RTR agents to help them meet home inspection deadlines and to decide on what types of inspections a home requires. Those agents are relying on us here at Inside & Out to highlight anything that could affect the value of a home or it’s insurability. Using modern tools like an infrared camera to find hiding issues, combined with years of experience, we can help Realtors save their buyers from surprises.

Not long ago, Round Table Agent Alan Levinson told us a story of a buyer he helped with the purchase of a home. He recommended Inside & Out for the inspections, but the buyer chose a company that offered less for a lower cost. Alan respected the buyer’s decision and after receiving the inspection report (which was minimal), he reminded them that they would not have any negotiating power after the sale of the home if unseen problems popped up.

Sure enough, several months later the buyer was surprised to find that an ongoing leak under the guest bathroom sink led to a full-on bathroom flood! The bathroom floor had to be replaced, not to mention the sink had to be fixed! Alan was devastated for his client, but was reminded why tools like infrared cameras cost a little more up front but save buyers in the end. Round Table Realty agents recommend Inside & Out Inspectors by name regularly thanks to our thorough, accurate, and professional reports. They get exactly what they need in order to continue to negotiation process on behalf of buyers, ensuring that big ticket items be address in the price of the sale.

No matter how many times you buy a home, getting that inspection report is scary! But we at Inside & Out want you to know the good, the bad, and the really really bad long before you sign on the dotted line.

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