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Pre-Slab Inspection

Jacksonville & St Augustine

Pre-Slab Inspections

Building a new home can often be a stressful experience for the homeowner. Making sure that all of the work is done properly throughout the entire process can be difficult and you don’t want to simply take the word of the builder that everything is done properly. The Pre-Slab inspection by Inside & Out Property Inspectors, Inc. occurs before your home’s base has been covered with concrete. This is to ensure that the foundation of your home has been completed in a professional manner, and to reveal any structural issues or problems before they are covered with concrete.

What’s Included in a Pre-Slab Inspection?

  • Foundation of home and bracing capabilites are inspected

  • Cable systems inspected for adherence to manufacturer guidelines

  • Inspection of reinforced steel and methods of placement

  • Inspection of interior pads for issues

  • Inspection of plastic vapor barrier for defects

  • Inspection of trenchwork and pads for drainage issues

  • Inspection of exposed plumbing for issues

  • Inspection of beam depth and width

Why Do I Need A Pre-Slab Inspection?

If the base of your home is covered in concrete before an inspection, any potential structural problems and issues are hidden until it is too late. It is important to schedule a pre-slab inspection to ensure that any issues are addressed and handled before it becomes too difficult to do so.  A pre-slab inspection can save you time, money and heartache. Call us today to schedule your inspection.