new construction


Having a new home built is an exciting time for any new homeowner. As this can be a large investment in terms of money and time, it is important to know that the builder is giving you exactly what you paid for. This is why it is important to walk through your new home prior to your closing with Inside & Out Property Inspectors doing a new construction inspection to ensure everything is in working order. As a third-party Home Inspection Company, we are not emotionally or financially invested in your new home and  can provide you an unbiased inspection. This can help isolate any potential problems due to poor quality workmanship or construction.

Generally by the time you get to the final closing process, you are mentally fatigued with the construction process and just want to move into your new home.  This can cause small nuances in the building process to be overlooked more easily. By hiring Inside & Out Property Inspectors, you get a professionally trained home inspector with 20-plus years in the construction and inspection field evaluating your new home and looking for poor construction, workmanship and potential code violations that were possibly missed by the Building Inspectors. This is your last chance to perform this type of inspection on your new home before it is officially yours. Inside & Out Property Inspectors will help protect your investment and keep your family safe

What’s in a new construction inspection?

A new construction inspection will help you create a final punch list of items that need to be fixed before you take ownership of the home from the builder. This inspection will include such items as:

  • Are all the doors plumb, do they clear the carpet, open freely and stay open?
  • Are all moldings in place, caulked and painted?
  • Are your counter tops level?
  • Are there any marks, scratches or chips on the walls, ceilings, cabinets, flooring or counter tops?
  • Do all the lights, fans and kitchen appliances function properly?
  • Do all the windows open, shut and lock properly? Are all the screens installed?
  • Has the house been properly cleaned and is free of construction debris?

While many of these items may be considered cosmetic, they can also be costly to repair or replace after you move into your new home. With a New Construction Inspection there is no question on the “who done it.” By having Inside & Out Property Inspectors perform this type of inspection, the builder can’t blame you, the homeowner, for these types of damages or neglect. At the end of our inspection, you will receive a documented report with all these items that you can present to the builder. Inside & Out Property Inspectors can give you peace of mind that you got exactly what you paid for from the builder.