Pest Inspection


Pest Inspection

Keeping your home protected from pests is important for the health and safety – of not only your family – but your home’s health too. Pests can carry diseases, and they can wreak havoc on the structure of your home. 

Getting a pest inspection with Inside & Out Property Inspections will help you determine if there are pests in your home, and allow you to determine what the next steps are if the inspection does find pests. 

Inside & Out will inspect the interior and exterior of the home, looking for evidence of unwelcome guests. We will also be looking for defects that could be caused by hidden pests, such as damaged wood from termites. 

Why Do I Need A Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection involves the inspector coming to the home and looking at: 

  • The exterior perimeter of the home 
  • Crawl space, basement & attic
  • Garage 

The inspector is looking for signs of insects and pests, which include: 

  • Live and/or live insects
  • Exit holes & shelter tubes (usually made of mud)
  • Stains & signs of wood damage
  • Pest droppings and nesting remnants