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Termite Inspection

Our Pest Control Services in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

Termite Inspection in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

Keeping your home protected from termites is important for the health and safety – of not only your family – but your home’s health too. Termites can wreak havoc on the structure of your home. 

Getting a termite inspection in Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine, FL with Inside & Out Property Inspections will help you determine if there are termites in your home, and allow you to determine what the next steps are if the inspection does find pests. 

Inside & Out will inspect the interior and exterior of the home, looking for evidence of unwelcome guests. 

Why Do I Need A Termite Inspection?

A termite inspection involves the inspector coming to the home and looking at: 

  • The exterior perimeter of the home 
  • Crawl space, basement & attic
  • Garage 

The inspector is looking for signs of termites, which include: 

  • Wood flooring blisters
  • Damaged or Hollowed Wood
  • Drywood Droppings
  • Termite Wings
  • Mud Tubing

Termite Treatment in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

There are many different ways to treat for termites. There is Sentricon, Termidor, Termite tenting, and many other ways to treat. Depending on the time and location termites are located might influence the type of treatment your home may need. Ask us today to schedule a termite inspection, or other pest control service in Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine, FL, so you can make sure you’re protecting you home.