Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

Home Inspection – Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

As home inspectors, we are inclined to suggest that mold inspections are important, at least if you suspect something isn’t right. Mold is often an undetected health risk that you may not want to take a chance with. Inside and Out Property Inspectors has seen perfectly beautiful homes come back with mold and mildew tests that would shock you.

In this article, we are going to first talk about the signs that there might be a mold or mildew problem in your home (or a home you want to purchase) then we will briefly explain what a mold inspection is.

Signs You May Have a Mold Issue

  • The Sniff Test – Mold doesn’t always have a “smell,” but some types of mold often do, especially the common ones, so if you have a persistent musty smell lingering in the home, you may need to learn where it is coming from to see if it poses a health risk.
  • The Visual Test – Mold can visually show up in all kinds of ways, from green and grey to brown and black colors. It can even take on the color of certain textiles like wallpaper or drywall. If you can see something resembling mold, you need to have it checked out.
  • Signs of Water Damage – The aftermath of water damage typically leaves a clue that a more significant problem might be brewing. Look for bubbling paint or paper, cracking or peeling paint or other similar issues. Even if the space seems dry now, it still might have something lurking behind it.
  • Signs of Water Leaks – Current leaks should be considered a hotspot for mold or mildew, especially if there are organic materials nearby like insulation, wood or drywall. You should have those checked out immediately by a mold specialist to ensure there isn’t a bigger problem.

A Mold Home Inspection

Here are the steps of a mold home inspection whether you have discovered mold, suspect it in your home, or just want to ensure you do not have a mold problem.

  • Inspectors will visually investigate all areas where mold commonly forms and any other hard to reach spaces that you may not have noticed. Photos might also be taken to learn more about the mold if it is present.
  • If mold is present, the inspector will carefully take a sample of it so as not to disturb the spores and emit them into the air. Spores can easily get into the ventilation system of your home and which can be carried all over the house.
  • The mold will then be sent out for analysis to see what it is precisely so a mold specialist can adequately clean it up. Some mold requires multiple visits and specific treatments to ensure the area is clear.
  • After we get your results, you can start the clean up depending on what kind of mold it is specifically. We can often recommend specialists or help you find one if needed.

If you are ready to schedule a mold inspection, please give us a call right away to get that on our books. You can also schedule this online in the event it is after business hours.


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