Using IR to help find hidden damage or moisture

Using IR to help find hidden damage or moisture

     Home inspections are conducted for many different reasons. For instance, they are used to help get

homeowner’s insurance and they can help you determine the condition of the home too. That’s why

there are thousands of home inspections conducted in the USA every year. Of course, not all of them

are the same – some of these inspections are better than the others.


     In the recent period, many homeowners use home inspections to identify hidden damage or moisture

with the help of infrared technology. This is what every successful home inspection company has in its

offer and Inside & Out Property Inspectors is not an exception. Infrared technology or IR technology is

focused on detecting infrared radiation which is a type of electromagnetic radiation just like UV

radiation, radio waves, microwaves, and X-rays. (1) But, how exactly does IR help people find hidden

damage or moisture?

     During this process, home inspectors use special infrared devices that are able to see heat. So, they are

non-contact devices that can identify infrared heat and turn it into an electronic signal which is

ultimately converted into an image on the device’s display. (2) Every object radiates a certain amount of

heat and this is how this special IR inspection can help. The heat detected by the IR device is quantified

in a very precise way. An experienced user of a device like this can easily assess the level of heat-related

issues in your home. Obviously, you need professionals like the ones from Inside & Out Property

Inspectors to get the most from this activity.

     Ordinary home inspections where IR devices are not used will determine problems that are visible. With

an IR device, you will bring the home inspection to another level and find problems that are not visible

to the naked eye.

     For instance, if you suspect that there is a problem with moisture in your home, but you cannot detect

the source, you’ve got two options – to drill holes in the walls or to use an IR device. Obviously the latter

is much more helpful. As we all know, moisture can lead to mold growth and mold is associated with

many illnesses. In addition, mold can damage the structure of your home. But, moisture issues are not

the only thing that you can detect with IR technology.

IR inspection can help homeowners detect conditions like unbalanced loads, open circuits, loose

connections, overloads, defective equipment and more.

     Thanks to IR, people will reduce unscheduled downtime and extend equipment life. They will also find

increased levels of moisture even behind walls which mean lower risk of mold growth. This also means

lower repair costs because you will know exactly where the problem is located. The IR technology is

here to prevent disastrous failures and keep the integrity of your home.

Once the IR inspection is finished you can expect at least three benefits. First of all, this inspection gives

you precise information about the current condition of your home without the use of invasive methods.

Finding issues like energy or insulation problems, HVAC issues or occurrence of moisture has never been


     If you are planning on using home inspection services, make sure that the home inspector uses infrared

technology. This is by far the best home inspection in terms of effectiveness and convenience. Inside &

Out Property Inspectors is offering high-quality IR services to every home owner in Florida at a

reasonable price. The best part is that this activity is part of the regular home inspection provided by

Inside & Out Property Inspectors.

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