First-Time Homebuyer Guide: Taking Care of Your New Home this Spring and Summer

As the weather improves, it is natural to emerge from winter full of ideas for maintaining and improving your new home. As experienced home inspectors, we see first hand the kinds of projects that don’t always get finished before a home goes on the market. Even if you intend to stay in your home for years to come, routine maintenance and improvements are great ways to ensure that your home remains structurally solid and a joy to live in.

Here are some basic home maintenance tips and tasks to consider:

Pressure wash the patio and outdoor sidewalks.

A simple project for a weekend day, pressure washing gets rid of long-term staining and build-up and dramatically improves the look of patios and sidewalks.

Get gutters inspected and updated.

Gutters can get clogged, bent, or broken, so an inspection and repair may be in the cards this spring or summer. Another option is to do it yourself by climbing up and cleaning out those gutters, but if you discover a problem beyond your skills, a professional may be the way to go. If your gutters need extending, this can help prevent future foundation problems.

Recaulk windows and doors, and repair torn screens.

Older homes, in particular, may be draftier than necessary due to breaks in the caulk that seals windows and doors. Visually inspect your window and door seals, and where necessary, add a new bead of caulk to keep the house from losing air conditioning during the summer. Repairing torn screens can also go a long way to preventing insects from getting into your home, so an afternoon spent repairing torn screens is well worth your time.

Get air conditioners inspected and, if needed, recharge freon.

Air conditioners need maintenance, so getting an inspection can determine if your system is low on freon or in need of other repair. The technician can help you to operate your air conditioner in the most efficient way possible.

Visually inspect chimney, roof, and foundation.

US News emphasizes that many simple checks of your home can save you money over time. In this case, get a magnifying glass and a pair of binoculars and scour your home’s roof, chimney, and foundation. If you notice hairline cracks or missing mortar, make a note of it and check again in 3 months. If anything is changing, it might be time to bring in an outside professional.

Check and fix leaky faucets.

A simple trip around the house looking at your faucets and washing machine hoses can ensure that there are no leaks. Where there are drips, you are paying for a slow waste of water; even though this payment is usually very small, there is no point in being wasteful and possibly causing water damage to your home.

Get rid of attic or basements pests and plug holes.

If your attic or basement are popular with critters, check after the winter and make sure that any entry points are sealed off so that the pests don’t get back inside. While you are there, keep an eye out for mold and consider dehumidifying options if you see even the smallest signs that it is coming.

Install a skylight.

Want a project that doesn’t just maintain, but also gains? Look into installing a skylight, which adds a pleasant amount of sunlight in your home while making you enjoy your living spaces even more. Aim to get one professionally installed so that it is in an optimum location and has no leaks.

Regardless of which projects you choose to tackle this spring and summer, trust Inside & Out Property Inspectors to help you evaluate your next home purchase. Well-loved homes often need some TLC, but knowing which projects are urgent and which can wait is a vital step toward happy homeownership.


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